Alomay Is An Education Marketing Agency

Answering Your Questions About Alomay

About Us

We’re a small but dynamic marketing agency that specializes in helping educators. Our virtual team works from England, USA, Canada and wherever else we adventure!

We work tirelessly to help businesses communicate in a memorable and profitable fashion. To us you’re more than just a paycheck.

As a small agency our number one goal is always client satisfaction, and in the process, it’s important to us that we actually enjoy doing what we do. We might be small but our results speak for themselves and the truth is, if we don’t feel we can bring value to your project, we’ll always tell you truthfully that we’re not the right agency for you.

When you work with Alomay there’s an implicit guarantee that comes with it. We take time to understand your business, your requirements, and your unique selling points. We’ll only begin working on a project once we’ve fully analysed your target market and established the most effective way to communicate with them.


We’ve been fortunate enough to work with fantastic clients from across the world all of whom are united in their need to publicize their message in a way that generates a return on their investment.

If you’re looking for an agency with soul, an agency that will deliver exceptional results,  contact us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with? +

We work with anyone who teaches, coaches, instructs or sells their expertise.That may, for example, mean you create YouTube 'how to' videos, or videos educating your viewers. It might be that you own a corporate training company, or sell online courses.Whether you’re a lone ranger or you have hundreds of your own employees, the chances are we’ve worked with many similar companies in the past and would be proud to help you too.

How long has Alomay been in business? +

Alomay started in 2012 and has been growing from strength to strength ever since.

Why hire Alomay rather than someone in-house? +

We’re experts in our sector. Our track record speaks for itself and we’ve helped numerous clients achieve multimillion dollar sales directly attributable to our work.

When you hire Alomay you don’t just get one head, you get the benefit of an experienced team working to achieve your goals.

What results can you guarantee? +

Unfortunately we can’t make any guarantees. Every project is different and success or failure is often out of our control (for example competitor improvements or Google algorithm changes).

That said, we’ve built our reputation by delivering results. We offer a money back guarantee if you’re unhappy with our work (never been exercised yet!) and we’re also happy to put you in touch with our past clients who can vouch for our work and the results we’ve achieved.

How quick are your turnaround times? +

Depending on the scope of your project, turnaround times for copywriting projects can be as little as 48 hours

How can you help me if you don’t know about my company? +

Before starting any project we research not only your company and your clients but also your competitors.

This involves asking you to fill out our questionnaires, having follow-up meetings and calls, and utilizing cutting edge software to really understand your circumstances and how to achieve the best results for you.

Will I receive a positive return on investment? +

We appreciate that marketing spend needs to yield results and for that reason before commencing a project we take time to understand your ROI expectations.

When you work with Alomay there’s an implicit guarantee that we’ll work relentlessly to help you achieve your goals and to this end we’ll provide monthly reporting across all key metrics to track our continued progress.

I’m based in a different country. Does this matter? +

We’ve worked with companies from around the world so for us, physical proximity isn’t a problem. We overcome the distance by ensuring we maintain excellent communication throughout the project.

We ourselves at Alomay work "virtually" and we have team members based across the globe. Each member of our virtual team brings their own unique skill sets and talents, with the added benefit that we're able to work on your projects across all time zones.

How frequently will we communicate during the project? +

Communication is critical to the success of your project. We place a lot of emphasis on encouraging open dialogue and frequent communication with all key stakeholders. For this reason, we have our own project management system where you will be able to message your account manager at any time.

Should you wish to, we can also arrange for face to face meetings, phone calls or skype conversations too.

How often will reports be provided? +

We provide monthly performance reports, presented in a transparent and clear fashion. Your account manager will also be on hand to provide updates whenever you wish via our project management system.

Is there a long term commitment or contract? +

For certain services we ask for a minimum three month commitment. Three months gives us enough time to demonstrate results. Examples of such services include search engine optimization and social media marketing.

That said, many of our services – copywriting and web design, for example - require no ongoing commitment at all.

We’re not interested in locking anyone into long term contracts. We want you to stay with us because you’re happy with our work and the results we provide.

What’s your fee structure? +

One off projects such as copywriting or web design require payment in instalments. Final payment will only ever be made upon completion of the work, once you’re completely happy.

For longer term projects such as SEO, PPC or social media marketing, we invoice on a monthly basis.

Are there any hidden costs? +

No, absolutely not! All costs that you will incur are predetermined upfront so there are never any nasty surprises.

I see you offer a money back guarantee. How does this work? +

Simple. If for any reason you’re unhappy with our work we’ll refund your money in full. That’s how confident we are in our work and our customer satisfaction