Email For Education Businesses

Our highly experienced email marketing team can help you to establish a lasting and profitable relationship with your mailing list, forging strong relationships, high open rates and increased earnings per subscriber

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Why Email Marketing?

Email marketing offers education businesses a low cost, highly profitable means with which to communicate with potential customers and build a connection with them.

By utilizing interest based segmentation and engaging email sequences, we can clearly track opens, click throughs and conversion rates, helping your business to build the most important online asset - its mailing list!

What can email marketing do for your education business?

Email allows you to communicate with prospects who have willingly given your business permission to contact them. This opportunity to foster a long term connection, earnt over weeks, months, possibly even years of communication, invokes a greater trust for your company than one off marketing campaigns.

By sending personalized and targeted messages you not only increase your visibility in a cost effective way but also build your own asset, never having to depend on third party platforms to communicate with your audience.

From our experience, email marketing is often the most profitable marketing channel for any online business.

What's the process for an effective email campaign?

Our team, with your input, will first create a marketing strategy that suits your brand’s needs and meets its goals. This will include taking time to understand your brand identity, your tone of voice and the target outcome for each campaign.

Once established, we'll help to build your email list (if required), whilst segmenting your contacts to ensure prospects only ever receive emails they're interested in. In this fashion we ensure that all communication is highly targeted, relevant, and offering real value to recipients.

Thanks to email tracking software, we're able to provide detailed reporting of all key metrics, clearly attributing sales that have resulted from our email campaigns.

What To Expect

When we manage your email marketing you'll benefit from:

    We’ll help you manage and grow your list using ‘opt in bribes’ and list building strategies


    Our team of copywriters really excel when it comes to creating ‘must open’ subject lines and engaging copy that keeps readers hooked and wanting more


    We build email marketing systems that can be used forever. Once implemented, our campaigns automatically email your prospects at the right time, without you having to press a button


    If for any reason you’re unhappy we’ll refund you money in full (it’s never happened yet!)


    All prospects will be tagged and segmented to ensure they only receive communication that interests them


    By segmenting contacts and writing persuasive, highly relevant email copy, we ensure engagement and click through rates stay high


    The numbers don’t lie. We provide transparent and easy to understand reports, focusing on the metrics that actually matter.


    We reply to every email, every message, every request – that’s a promise!

Emails that actually sell

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