PPC For Education Businesses

We offer fully managed pay per click services for Facebook and Google Adwords. We target based on interests, demographics or keywords to drive targeted visitors to custom built landing pages, eliciting their immediate response.

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Why Pay For Clicks?

PPC ads are a great way of driving immediate traffic to your site. Unlike organic strategies such as SEO or social media which require patience before results are evident, PPC campaigns can generate sales in hours rather than weeks.

This immediacy, coupled with the advanced targeting options available to advertisers means you only ever pay when a highly targeted prospect clicks your ads.

Ad spend can be set to cater to any budget and successful campaigns can be scaled up to take full advantage of lucrative opportunities.

What can PPC do for your education business?

PPC ads are an incredibly efficient way of reaching your target audience and driving leads to your business. If you're looking for immediate results, PPC ads should be your marketing method of choice.

Campaigns can be created to cater for all spending levels and limits can be set to ensure you never exceed maximum budget.

PPC can also be a great precursor to SEO. Given the keyword-based nature of Google ads, it's possible to test keywords and phrases through PPC ads, compile immediate data and if profitable, introduce these keywords into your longer term SEO strategy.

What's the process for an effective PPC campaign?

The process begins by identifying your goals and your target audience, be that via Facebook or Google adverts.

If conducting Google ads we'll conduct thorough keyword and competitor analysis to identify the search terms that potential leads may be searching for.

For Facebook, we'll research the best targeting options to reach your audience, and we'll create ad creative and copy accordingly.

Once ready, our team will design landing pages and write the page content, urging the visitor to complete a specific action (downloading a whitepaper, leaving contact details, completing a purchase etc).

We review all campaign data on a daily basis analyzing the results and making changes where necessary.

What To Expect

When we manage your social media you'll benefit from:

    You’ll start seeing results from the very first day your campaign goes live!


    We’ll test various aspects of your campaign including ad copy, ad creative, page designs and even audience targeting to determine the most profitable


    We’ll be analyzing the data on a daily basis, making informed decisions and incremental changes based on the stats


    If for any reason you’re unhappy we’ll refund you money in full (it’s never happened yet!)


    We’ll design high converting landing pages specifically for your campaign


    We’ll design the creative and write all necessary copy so as to ensure a cohesive and persuasive visitor experience


    The numbers don’t lie. We provide transparent and easy to understand reports, focusing on the metrics that actually matter.


    We reply to every email, every message, every request – that’s a promise!

PPC without the waiting

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