Social Media For Educators

We offer fully managed social media services for all major platforms. We create and share content that builds your brand, increases your influence and generates sales, all in a transparent and measurable fashion.

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Why Social Media?

Social media has become an essential part of modern business. In fact, 30% of all internet usage is spent on social networking sites. With this in mind, there's little doubt that the right social strategy can yield huge dividends.

What can social media do for your education business?

Maintaining an active social presence helps to increase brand awareness and build relationships with current and perspective students alike.

This connection helps instill brand loyalty and is a key factor when prospects come to making purchasing decisions.

Social media marketing also helps drive targeted traffic to your website and this, in turn can help with your search engine rankings.

Our social media strategies specifically focus on attracting new leads, which translates to new customers and more sales for your institution.

What's the process for a profitable social media campaign?

Before we begin posting any content we first identify specific, measurable goals. Your social media strategy must have a purpose and we advise our clients to seek sales, not just brand awareness.

With the objectives for your campaign set, we’ll move on to the research section of our work. This part is absolutely critical.

By taking the time to understand what your competitors or other key influencers are doing well, we're able to reverse engineer their success and plan a profitable strategy accordingly.

This research will allow us to choose the right platform and content strategy to promote your business, knowing for sure that our plan will yield immediate results.

What To Expect

When we manage your social media you'll benefit from:

    We’ll utilize the popularity of the platforms to drive traffic back to your site


    We’ll implement marketing campaigns to actually drive sales


    From billionaire US Presidents and Olympic athletes right the way through to TV stars, musicians and those in the limelight, we’ve got a track record of building relationships with key individuals capable of promoting your brand


    If for any reason you’re unhappy we’ll refund you money in full (it’s never happened yet!)


    We’ll grow your following and reach amongst your target demographic


    Well build a highly engaged fan base and increase your sphere of influence


    The numbers don’t lie. We provide transparent and easy to understand reports on a monthly basis, focusing on the metrics that actually matter. You’ll be able to track your growth every step of the way.


    We reply to every email, every message, every request – that’s a promise!

Social media without the stress

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